The World's Most Inexpensive and Accurate Concussion Test

Using smartphones for concussion screening


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How Averia works

Our test involves two parts; our uniquely designed headset and a smartphone. After installing our app, simply insert your smartphone into our device, allow the patient to wear the headset, and within 60 seconds you’ll receive the results.

Averia tracks eye movements and looks for irregular saccades and eye disconjugacy which have been known to accurately diagnose and track recovery of concussions.

Averia is 20 times cheaper than existing solutions.

Concussion testing to meet all your needs


Averia’s measures irregular eye movements which have been proven to be reliable indicators of concussions.


By using the high framerate camera of a smartphone, Averia’s cost of less than $50 increases access to objective testing.


Weighing less than 9 ounces, Averia can be used in the clinic or on the sideline.

Averia is making objective concussion testing accessible to underserved populations.

Sanjay Lamba M.D. - Inova Fair Oaks Hospital

Accurate Eye Tracking

Our novel and award-winning computer vision algorithm uses machine learning to identify accurately the location of the pupil and its movements. Eye coordinates are then analyzed to ascertain differences in saccade velocities, a reliable biomarker for concussions.

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